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Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (Egypt)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation is considered one of the most important ministries in the history of contemporary Egyptian life, especially agriculture is still the most important source of the growth domestic product.


Ministry targets

• Advancement of agricultural policy and land reclamation policies that would ensure coordination and integration in line with the national development plans, link and work on its development with the latest scientific methods and technology on the basis of economic optimum.
• development of agricultural resources, increase the area of reclaimed land and promoting rural economics by various means.

Functions of the Ministry

• Develop policy in the fields of agriculture, land reclamation and horizontal expansion nation wide through planning programs to inventory land suitable for reclamation dependent on water sources identified by the Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources, according to the remediation programs.
• Study the methods provided by the constituents of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, raise the efficiency and potential implementation through optimal economic exploitation of reclaimed land, livestock and water and follow up the implementation of projects and analyze the development of the plan to achieve goals in the field of the wealth of green.
• Determine the policy for agricultural cooperation and the disposition of the undeveloped land and reclaimed desert and in accordance with the provisions of law, supervision and coordination between agencies working in the field of agriculture and land reclamation to achieve rapid performance the accuracy of implementation.
• Conduct studies and research related to development of agricultural production, animal, fish and agricultural industrialization policy planning in the areas of expansion and utilization of new applications of the results of such research are published and generalize the application of various means of guidance and holding symposiums in local and international conferences related to it or participate in them and provide technical advice to government bodies, institutions, bodies and individuals in Egypt in a friendly manner.
• Determine the settlement policy in the reclaimed lands to achieve distribution of population density stationed in the cities as well as public policy for agricultural cooperation and the development and dissemination services in light of the farm credit system even up to village level.
• Development and stabilize rural communities and work to raise the standard of living and promoting rural agricultural economics by various means including the mechanization of agriculture in order to reach higher production with less costs.
• Study projects in agricultural and industrial communities and regions participating in the land reclamation and horizontal expansion and holding conventions at the local and international supervision of the implementation of those conventions sectors.

Coordonnées de la structure

Nom du département
Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
Adresse postale

42, El Dokki St., Misr Insurance Building, Dokki


Téléphone : +202  33 37 04 61

Fax : +202 33 37 04 61

Site Internet
Personne contact

Maisa M. Megahed

Executive director

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