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Faculty of Agriculture of Cairo University (Egypt)


The Faculty of Agriculture of Cairo University (FA-CU) was founded in 1889.

In 1911, its name was changed to Agricultural Higher School awarding a high diploma in agriculture.  In 1935, the Agricultural Higher School joined the first university established in Egypt early in the 19th century called the “Egyptian University” (now Cairo University) to be the first faculty of agriculture in Egypt and in the Middle East. Since that time, the FA-CU awarded more than 40000 B.Sc. degrees in agricultural sciences. The total number of students currently enrolled at the first degree level is about 3000 students.

The graduate program at FA-CU started in 1943 and the first Ph.D. was awarded in 1945. Since then, FA-CU awarded about more than 4000 M.Sc. and 2000 Ph.D. from degrees in all fields of agriculture. Graduates belong to Egypt and all Arab countries. Among those graduates there were many key top officials. The list includes Heads of states, Prime ministers and ministers in Egypt and Arab states.

Currently, FA-CU offers 7 undergraduate programs, 24 M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs and 3 professional Master programs in both Arabic and English languages.

It has 18 research centers and units involved in society service and environmental development.

It is in the process of developing its curricula and programs in 24 disciplines in Agriculture to insure compliance with the quality assurance measures.  FA-CU is in its passage to apply for accreditation. Yet, FA-CU has several accredited labs and units.

The staff and graduates of FA-CU provide a very wide range of support and contribution to the development of the agricultural and rural sectors in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries.




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Faculté d'Agriculture de l'Université du Caire

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Gamaa St., 12613 Giza


Téléphone : + (201) 29187789

Fax: + (201) 35681610

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Mohamed Nawar

Senior Advisor

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